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Russia Told to Pay Yukos Shareholders $50 Billion

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 19:49:46 EDT
An international court ruled that Russia owes shareholders of the now-defunct oil giant more than $50 billion for what it described as the Kremlin's "devious and calculated expropriation" of assets.

South Africa Urges U.S. Extension of Africa Trade Deal

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 08:46:07 EDT
The African Growth and Opportunity Act, which expires next year, has given the U.S. a strategic advantage in doing business in Africa, Pretoria's trade minister says.

South Africa's Biggest Union Accepts Wage Offer

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 11:49:44 EDT
South Africa's biggest metalworkers union said it has accepted a wage offer to end a strike that has hampered manufacturing in the country.

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NGL: A Diversified MLP Offering Fast Growth, Juicy Yield

Fri, 25 Jul 2014 11:07:44 EDT
NGL Energy Partners' increasingly steady business ranges from pipelines to wastewater cleanup.

DSW Has to Step It Up

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:57:26 EDT
The shoe retailer is facing major hurdles and will likely cut guidance.

Six Top Chip Picks for a Stronger Second Half

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 16:07:46 EDT
Broadcom, Marvell, Cavium, Lam, KLA-Tencor and Applied Materials look set for upside. US Business

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Messaging App Could Hold Future of Advertising

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 09:46:01 EDT
Keywords: This month, Kik, a popular chat app among teens in the U.S., launched a feature that could be the future of advertising: people conversing directly with brands via bots.

There's No Flying in Drone School

Sun, 27 Jul 2014 22:01:52 EDT
With a coming boom expected in the unmanned-aircraft industry, universities and colleges are scrambling to train pilots. But thanks to government rules, they can't actually get the devices off the ground.

An $800 Sneaker Plays Hard to Get

Mon, 28 Jul 2014 15:46:15 EDT
The sudden appeal of Buscemi sneakers, a year-old shoe that costs $800 a pair, marks a new chapter in conspicuous consumption, fueled by social media, celebrities and purposefully tight supplies.

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Wal-Mart's Forcing Smaller Rivals To Merge In Hopes Of Competing

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(Reuters) -- Discount store chain Dollar Tree Inc. said Monday it would buy rival Family Dollar Stores Inc. for about $8.5 billion, creating North America's biggest discount retailer.   Shares of Family Dollar, which has been under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn to sell itself, rose almost 25 percent to $75.50 in premarket trading on Monday. Dollar Tree shares were up 8.8 percent at $59.  

Marijuana Costs In The US: How Black Market, Retail And Medical Pot Prices Compare

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Marijuana suppliers and connoisseurs are watching to see if consumers of legal marijuana in Washington state will take to government-sanctioned weed, which became available on Tuesday, or if illicit suppliers' lower costs will keep consumers from going legit. This much is known: Legal pot means higher-priced pot -- by a long shot.

International Business Times

Looking For A New Job? Earn $175K As NSA Spokesman; Position Requires 'Crisis Management' Experience

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The U.S. National Security Agency is hoping that a new spokesman will be able to help clean up the public relations mess created by years of widespread, indiscriminate surveillance on prominent members of the international community and American citizens alike in the name of national security.

International Business Times

Even After Brazilian Drought, Trouble Ahead For Starbucks Supplier Ipanema

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Ipanema Coffees, supplier to Starbucks Corp. (NYSE:SBUX), said it expects a 40 percent drop in crop yields after an historic drought in Brazil. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, responsible for about a third of the global supply. But a three-month drought has left farmers scrambling to recover supplies, and bean prices rising. Brazilian officials say that the weather problems are over, but not everyone is as optimistic.

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